How Hurricane Sandy took my house but not my data...

As many of you know, we lost the first floor of our house and all of its contents to Hurricane Sandy when she struck New York on Monday.  Thankfully everyone is safe.  It has been an awful experience, but it could have been a lot worse.   I am writing tonight to tell you how another disaster was averted. I lost my computer and all my local backups when 4 and a half feet of water rushed into our home.  I love photography!  Since 2001, when I bought my first digital camera, I have made nearly 40,000 photos, including documenting the first 4 years of my twins's lives, and scanned all my parents old photo albums.  I had all my business data on the computer, tons of music and videos, and other important documents.  Everything was wiped out!  But thankfully I have been a subscriber to an awesome Cloud backup service called Backblaze for several years.  I knew all my data was safe and secure.  I sent the guys at Backblaze a note earlier this week and told them my story.  They responded promptly and were sympathetic to my situation and eager to help.  Tonight I received a package from them that contained a new USB drive with all my data on it.  Thanks to Backblaze I didn't loose any data.  I encourage all of you to protect your data and all those pictures and precious memories that can't be replaced.  Go and sign up for Backblaze before it's too late, it's only $50 a year for all your data.


9/11 Tribute in Light 2012


I went out last night to photograp the World Trade Center Tribute in light like I have done for several years. The lights were on for testing purposes to make sure they were ready for tonight. I drove in to the city to get a different perspective (I usually shoot from Brooklyn). After finding parking and getting everything set up and doing a test shot the lights abruptly turned off. Here is the one shot of the tribute in light that I was able to get. I then turned to get this shot of the new World Trade Center "Freedom Tower". I might go back tonight because I didnt get the shot I was looking for.



Where have I been?

I am about 6 months behind in posting photos and updating my blog.  It has been a very busy 6 monts at work.  I have been expanding business which has taken up any free time that i once had.  But rest ashured, I still have thousands of photos of the kids to post.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to get caught up.  Today is Ella and Lily's first day of school, Pre K for 3 year olds.  They begin a 6 week summer program and then take a month off before starting back in the fall.  Hard to believe how fast time passes.  More to come soon....but right now, we are off to school.