RBS Podcast Episode #031

Podsafe Music: Mine Again by Black Lab More delays with the house closing Podsafe Music: Into a Nightmare by Classic Case Happy 29th Birthday Jess Teen Killed at same spot friend died Italian teacher cuts off kids tongue Good Samaritan Law may not apply Wisconsin 10-year-old drunk in the snow Top Ten Most Practical Super Powers Podsafe Music: Why don't you tell me! by One Day Remains Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS Podcast Episode #030

Podsafe Music: Don't say it's over by Red Murphy I bought a Mac Pro, my first Apple since the Apple IIC in 1983 We are almost ready to close on the house Podsafe Music: Photograph by Lee Coulter Bill banning iPods on NYC Streets Mummified body found in front of TV Teacher arrested over for Coke NJ teens face weekly Alcohol tests in school Woman on Bus lost for 25 years Death and Taxes 2007 Podsafe Music: Overcome by Rasa 9 Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS Podcast Episode #029

Podsafe Music: Turn by Buckfast Podsafe Music: I want sex on my birthday by Frozen Popsicle Tampons I Drove 1800 miles to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and Christmas McKenzie Rae Jordan was born on December 14 (my niece) I had my 30th Birthday The Nintendo Wii is a big hit with my family WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!! The Man Who Died 31 Times Cancer Cure Patented FBI is Inside your phone Santa Dies in front of kids Best Divorce Letter Ever! Podsafe Music: Building our own future by Howard Jones Happy New Year! Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS Podcast Episode #028

Podsafe Music: Tears of Darkness by Highlord There's not too much going on this week in the build up to Thanksgiving. We are leaving on Wednesday afternoon to make the 850 mile trek home to Tennessee. This Year's roster (all crammed into a Dodge Caliber) includes Jessica, Edwin, Bam Bam, Tank and me. Podsafe Music: Optimist by Buckfast Dodd Introduces Effective Terrorists Prosecution Act Secret Santa reveals his identity Do humans have a compass in their nose? THIS T-SHIRT IS A JOKE. THERE ARE NO REAL EXPLOSIVES. Podsafe Music: Suck Hard by Noctaluca Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS Podcast Episode #027

Sadly, there are no pictures from the Halloween Party this year I bought the Canon EOS Rebel XTi aka Canon EOS 400D I got a $115 Parking Ticket from the NYPD, I was falsely accused! My Grandmother Clara Woodall passed away on Saturday Podsafe Music: A Mother's Love by Roscoe Chenier Bush Moves Toward Martial Law US Citizens to be Required ''Clearance'' to Leave USA Fourth Grader Suspended After Refusing to Answer Exam Question Boys' Championship Dream Doomed by a Moment of Vengeance Secret of Heart Regeneration Uncovered Scientists discover cause of SIDS Man Arrested After Appearing Naked In Own Home The Value of a New York Dollar Podsafe Music: Mother by Kevin Reeves Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS Podcast Episode #026

The Flight to Tennessee was miserable...3.5 hours on the tarmac My sister got a 4D ultrasound it was really cool Look at the ultrasound pics here I bought the Belkin Tune Talk to record in the field I met Patrick Norton and the rest of the dl.tv crew Podsafe Music: Nighttime in the City by Christopher Dallman 600000 civillians killed in war Iraq War Schools given power to strip search School Detention for Parents New Liquid Could Replace Adhesive Bandages 9 Reasons To Become an Evil Super Villain Podsafe Muscic: Visions by For the Drive Home Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS #025

Podsafe Music: The Pope Song by Man Bites God I've been fighting a cold for the past couple of weeks Headed to Tennessee this weekend for my sister's baby shower One month until the 1 Year Anniversary of the RBS Podcast I just bought an 80 GB iPod Video Podsafe Music: In a Long Time by 46bliss Chinese Lasers vs. US Satellites NSA Cases face a secret tribunal "I have been against the bull-shit war from the beginning" FDNY Chief of Safety reports bombs were inside the World Trade Center Polish Scientists Tricked Nazis into believing there was an outbreak of Typhus Football Equipment just got Smarter Podsafe Music: Can You Hear Me? by The Stirring Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS #024

Podsafe Music: I write Sins Not Tragedeys by Panic at the Disco I screwed up the Photo Gallery and It took me over a week to restore it I will never look at a Bud Light Bottle the same again Football Season starts tonight Podsafe Music: Outspoken by Quarter to Nine New logo and new theme for the RBS Podcast The Message Board is dead, please leave comments in the comments area below bin Laden not wanted in connection with 9/11 Enron exec convicted but not guilty? NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found Dead in Italy and Greece Unhealthy diets lead to increase in Mental Illness Mom gets photos of son missing for 24 years Girl Escapes after being locked in cellar for 8 years Teen downloads porno and discovers the stars are mom and dad Podsafe Music: Shine by Kevin Reeves Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS #023

Podsafe Music: Magic Carpet by New Leaf We finally got our bar and some curtains Check out my Photo Gallery Microsoft sent me a brand nex XBOX 360 Jess and I started dating 4 years ago yesterday Podsafe Music: In Your Arms by Charles Tanton Please leave me some comments 911 Pannel suspected Deception by Pentagon Hot Dogs may cause Mutations and even Cancer Hand held test to detect Date-Rape Drug Man Makes 37760 Calls to operator Bad news for your sex drive This should put him in the mood.... Podsafe Music: Summertime by Brother Love Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS #022

Podsafe Music: Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie I bought an Alesis Mixer to record the show My XBOX 360 died and Microsoft is replacing it J.J. Abrams will Direct Star Trek 11 Plenty of new Superhero Movies are on the Horizon Podsafe Music: This is Life by Quarter to 9 Minor League Baseball Game goes 26 innings Eye Test could detect Alzheimers What makes a Serial Killer Tick Good Hygiene means Bad Allergies Boy Killed in Walmart US admits using Napalm in Iraq Secret 2001 Pentagon plan to Attack Lebanon Podsafe Music: The Machine by Nyghtshade Podshow PDN {podshow-2c253e9c2bb119ffab3feb454c9cf8b1} Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS #021

Podsafe Music: Long Island Sound by Brian Sharpe I went to Puerto Rico Got a Sunburn Bitten by Fire Ants Left a Catholic Mass in Protest Superman Returns in 3D Imax Hey Hollywood in the future please limit Comic Book movies to the following Directors Bryan Singer, Christopher Nolan, or Sam Rami. Podsafe Music: Suffocating by Coppermine I bought Magellan Roadmate 800 GPS Researches find a way to stimulate heart tissue growth Parents turn to tech toys to track kids Fish oil works better than Ritalin I bought Magellan Roadmate 800 GPS Podsafe Music: Maybe by Miggs Subscribe to the RBS Podcast

RBS #020

The "busy season" of CPR is almost finished so shows should be back to a regular schedule I decided to go back to using CastBlaster to record the show now that they have support for my firewire microphone interface. Podsafe Music: How Hazardous We Are by The Transfer New safer method to detect Heart Disease Shameless promotion for CPR training and AED's Your emails are not as funny as you think they are Americans lose touch with their closest friends Message in a bottle found 10 years later Podsafe Music: The Path of Excess by a-Promethius You have to play the game "Left Center Right" I bought a new Cell Phone the Samsung A900 Subscribe to the RBS Podcast