Engagement Story

The following is from an email telling the story of Jess' and my engagement. Hi Everyone, Hope you are sitting down...of course you are sitting, nobody stands up at their computer. Last night I got engaged!!!!! As usual, I had an elaborate plan worked out, I had arranged for Jessica and I to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday, but Hurricane Isabel had other ideas in mind. For the first time in my life, I had NOT made a back-up plan! I woke up yesterday morning with the overwhelming feeling that I needed to propose that day. So i tried to come up with something memorable. The night before, I had proof read Jess' homework and thought we needed to change some words. We dont have a Thesarus. So I decided, I would buy a thesarus and cut out the middle of the pages and put the ring inside. I also cut out all the Synonyms for wedding, engageed, wife, etc...and pasted them on the opening page along with the words, will you marry me. I headed off to meet Jess outside her class room, and surprise her with a Sushi Dinner at a nice restaurant. For the perhaps the fist time ever, Jess did not want to eat Sushi. So I then tried to get her to go into about 10 different romantic italian restaurants on out walk home. She refused. She just wanted to go home and order mexican food. I had to get her to go somewhere to eat, because we we secretly going to her parents house to have champagne about an hour later. SoI started complaining about how hungry I was and how I thought I was going to be sick if I didn't eat soon. So sh said fine we will just go in to Wendy's. I am about to propose in a fu**ing Wendy's! So we eat! When we reach the street I said " Oh, I almost forgot, I got you a present." I pulled out a book that she had wanted to read. Then I said I have another present, the thesarus. She thought I was a dork! So then I open the cover so she can read "will you marry me?" And I drop to a knee at the corner of 42nd street and 2nd avenue in between Wendys and the worlds headquartes of Pfizer( the makers of Viagra). Since I am always doing things to try to embarris her in the street, she assumed I was just joking. I said "will you marry me?" And then the words every man wants to hear when he is asking the woman he loves to marry him..."Are you fu**ing Crazy!! Get up." At this point, she still thinks I am just joking, so I start to get a little upset. At this point she has not seen the ring yet. Then she realizes I am serious. She said" YES, YES, YES! The I propose again in spanish and she says "Si" So I take out the ring, we both are crying and shaking, and I put it on her finger. Then we hugged and kissed and went to her parents for champagne. I video taped her telling the story on the phone with her aunt. It can be viewed here. but be warned, it is 30 megabites. Dont even try it with dial-up it will take an hour. With Cable or DSL, you can get in 3-5 minutes. It is about 6 minutes long. Tonight, I am going to edit it and make it much smaller so it will be easier to download. May 2005 is the tentative date, so get ready to come to NYC for a big party. Look forward to speaking with everyone soon. Shane