Christmas Away from Home

This will be my first Christmas not spent with my mom dad and sister and my second Christmas away from Tennessee. I previously spen one Christmas in Washington D.C. ; but my family was there. Jess and I started our Christmas rotation last year. She spent Christmas with me so this year I spend Christmas in NYC. It will be interesting to see what traditions her family has. I started and finished all my shopping on Monday. Jess is done with her shopping for the most part...I think she just has to get a few things tomorrow. We are going to Tennessee on Monday the 27th and will be spending the new year there. We took Bam Bam to a pet photographer a few weeks ago and we got his "Glamour Shots" today. If you get a Christmas card late it is beacuse we were waiting to get the pics to put in the cards. I have posted 3 of the better shots here. Have a Merry Christmas!!!