Another face lift

I have changed the look of the site once again. There isnt any new content except for pics in the moblog section. The new interface is a work in progress. I have just laid down the basic color scheme red, yellow, and blue...Superman anyone? New graphics will follow soon. When the look is finally finished, I will resize some of the engagement photos, some of you have complained that when you click on the thumbnails you see a really small picture. That is because I was in a rush to get them posted so I did a batch convert to shrink all the pictures down to 30%. When your pictures came from a 3.0 megapixel camera or better, this is fine, but some of the photos were taken with a 1.3 megapixel camera...I digress. I also redesigned it looks more professional now and inclueds a schedule of classes, email forms and prices. Let me know what you think. And finally...... Could someone please tell my lovely fiance that "saving for the wedding" does not mean "saving for a vacation to Puerto Rico"!