Podcast Coming Soon

In the next few days, I will be creating a podcast. For those who don't know, a podcast is an audio recording that is posted to a website that you can download and listen to on you computer, ipod, or other mp3 player. The coolest part about it that you don't have to keep coming back here to look for new episodes, although you can if you want. You subscribe to the podcast using a piece of software known as a podcatcher or ipodder. This software goes out and looks for your rss feed and sees when it has been updated and downloads the audio (or video) file for you and puts it on your computer, ipod, or other mp3 player. Think of it like any other rss or news reader. Probably the best description that I have heard of podcasting is TiVo for radio. iTunes 6.0 is the pod catcher that I use to listen to my favorite podcasts. The show...Random BS or Radio BY Shane (RBS) will feature me and occasional guests talking about all kinds of topics...Tank and Bam Bam, Madden 2006, CPR and AED, Football, Life in NYC, LOST, and any other RBS I am obsessing about at the time. Send me you comments and questions via email or better yet audio file. Consider this an open invitation to anyone who would like to be on the show... we can skype.