The Wedding Video

It is finally here! The Wedding video has arrived. I am making copies as I type this. Mom your copy will be mailed first thing tomorrow. The video quality is very good, it has a lot of nice transitions and filters. I now have documented evidence of how poor a dancer I really am. Jess and I were just reliving the beautiful day that was. I hope to eventually put some clips up here on the site, maybe next week I can get some alone time with Adobe Premier and generate some clips. Tank is doing well. He is experiencing the puppy equivalent of Terribe Two's. Jess's new sofa cove lasted all of about 3 hours until it was shredded. Let me tell you there is nothing quite like being Peed on by a Puppy at 3:00am. Bam Bam has been quite the teacher...he has taken tank under his wing. He showed his little brother how to play tug of war and fetch as well as how to bite into the roll of Charmin and TP the entire house. Good times!