Update on My Dad

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the emails phone calls and prayers. It is wonderful to know that we have so much love and support. My dad has had nearly 70 visitors over the past 3 days. His office ran a shuttle bus today bring over everyone in shifts. Several of the Agents he trained over the years drove in from 4 hours away just to see him. He is in relatively good spirits considering...We left the ICU today and moved into a regular room. Today was the first day of rehab. Tomorrow or Wednesday we should be moving to an inpatient Rehab Hospital so that Dad can learn to adapt and hopefully be able to walk a little. He stood for a few minutes today which is really good but very difficult. He is working very hard. When he is able to stand up and walk on his own a little he can leave the rehab center and go home. That is our goal. I spoke again with the Neurologist today. The pathology reports confirm stage 4 Brain Cancer Glioblastoma Multiforme (the worst there is). We have an Oncologist that spent 15 years training and working at Sloan Kettering, so we are in good hands. Unfortunately, at this stage, we are in a "salvage quality of life phase." We have to balance salvaging mobility and independence (slowing the tumor growth with radiation) with radiation sickness and many other complications. IF the radiation works, we MIGHT get 1 year. If his tumor doesn't respond, it will be a matter of months. As you might guess, everyone is in shock. This came out of nowhere! Please continue to keep the family in your prayers. And thank you so much for everything.