We are proud to announce that Jessica will be 16 weeks pregnant this Sunday.  Her due date is May 24th, 2009, however twins are considered full term at 37 weeks (May 3, 2009).  That's right I said TWINS!!  As you can imagine, the twins were quite a surprise.  When we were in for the first sonogram at 8 weeks, Jessica could not see the monitor, but I could.  When the first images showed up on the screen I saw that there were two babies and my mouth dropped.  Jessica looked at me and said "What?".  The technician replied, "There's two!"  And Jessica said "Two what?"  And that's how we found out about the Woodall Twins. Over the last 8 weeks we have been planning for their arrival.  I bought the website and we traded in our car for a minivan.  Yes, I said minivan.  At least it's a "cool" minivan.  Wow, when did I get so old? In other exciting news, our goddaughter, Rory, will soon have a little brother or sister of her own. I'll have more updates when they become available. There are seven sonogram photos in the Photo Gallery. 13weeksAB