Jessica is in the Hospital

Jessica is at NYU hospital having contractions. We have been here for about 30 hours. She and the babies are fine! Her blood pressure is a little high. The doctors feel like the delivery is inevitable within the next week. This is typical and happens to about 60% of twin pregnancies. They are giving Jess a steroid shot to ensure the lungs are mature because we are at 34 weeks (37 weeks is considered full term for twins). The babies heartrates are being constantly monitored. They have decelerated a few times. If the deceleration happens more often or becomes more severe then they will take the babies out. They would like the babies to stay in for another week but we are ready if they don't. This really is not a big deal, everything will be fine. I will write again when there is more to report. If you want all the little details "blow by blow" in realtime, follow me on twitter.