It's hard for me to believe that my girls are 9 months old.  They are growing up so fast.  Looking back at the pictures from the first few months, reminds me how far they have come.  In the last couple of weeks they have made great strides.  I taught them to high five about 3 weeks ago. They started to wave hello and goodbye. Ella started crawling on January 19th.  Lily got her first tooth around the same time.  Lily started crawling on Sunday January 31st.  Ella has a tooth trying to push its way out.  This morning during breakfast, Lily screamed "dad-dy" and waved at me.  I put the girls down for a nap and before I could leave the room, Lily stood up in her crib.  They will be walking and talking before we know it.  Things are moving so fast...I just wanted to share this while it's still fresh in my mind.


Lily Standing up


UPDATE: Ella stood up in her crib one day later February 4, 2010.

UPDATE 2: Ella got her first tooth on Feb 6th.  Ella waved at Jess and said "um Ma Ma" on Sunday February 7, 2010.

 Ella Standing up