Happy New Year

Well, as you can see, I haven't posted in a while. Not really that busy, just lazy I guess. Jess and I headed to Tennessee just after Christmas and spent a week there. While we were there, Bam Bam had his yearly Checkup at the vet. His teeth were in pretty bad shape. No matter what we would do, his breath was always horrible and he had gingivitis. As it turned out, Bam Bam had a genetic "issue" that made his gums pull away from his teeth causing pockets to form. Bacteria grew in these pockets and caused his jaw bones to deteriorate... To make a long story short, Bam Bam had nearly all of his teeth removed. He has 4 molars and his 4 canines left. He is the model of health otherwise. Jess and I are doing well. Getting a little stressed out as we are now less than 4 months away from the wedding. Learning how to use our new miniDV camera as well as non-linear video editing. Frontline Health is doing well, the 2 year anniversary is next week. If anyone needs CPR, First Aid or Lifeguard Training, let me know. I am still teaching swimming on a limited basis, 2 half days a week. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding very soon.