Just thought I would share with everyone that iTunes has the audio book version of the 9/11 commission report available for download for 4.95. It is about 21 hours long. I am through hour number 3. Lets just say it was...disturbing. So I saw the new Taco Bell TV spot for the "Grilled Stuft' Enchilada"...an enchilada with the sauce on the inside...sounds crazy I know, but it looked damn good. So good in fact that I thought I would go on over an pick one up for lunch today....WHAT!!! You don't sell the "Grilled Stuft' Enchilada" yet. I ran for the border and INS closed it down. In a related story Apple announced the iPod Shuffle a couple weeks ago...You can't get your hands on that thing until March 1, from their website any way. eBay has tons for sale, so that got me thinking... I did an eBay search for "Grilled Stuft' Enchilada" but alas, none for sale. What is the big idea...you get me all hyped up about Enchiladas and music players and I can't go buy it right now. WTF!! Speaking of things that are F***ed up, did anyone see Bush's Sate of the Union Address?