Fatherly Advice

This morning, advice from my dad paid off. The year was 1995, I was getting ready to go to College and my dad prepared a box for my car with various roadside emergency items. One of the items he placed in the box was "HEET Pressurized Lock-Thaw". He said someday your locks are going to freeze and you are going to need this. I said "Ok dad" (sarcastically). I have had it in the box for 13 years. I have moved literally 15 times since then. Whenever I move I always go through my belongings and try to throw out all non essential items. I pick up that container each time and think to myself "I don't need this crap, I am going to throw it away" but for some reason I was never able to throw it away. Two days ago I was unpacking our last few boxes from the most recent move and I found it once again. I didn't throw it away. Wouldn't you know it...this morning my locks were frozen. I thought to myself, "holy shit he was right". I get the lock-thaw and I shoot it into the lock and the door opens right up. Thirteen years later the advice from my father finally pays off.