My dad Update #5

I have been back in New York for about a week. I was able to spend 8 days with my dad. I stayed up with him at night; we talked a lot. He described what he wanted at his funeral in great detail. He informed me of who he wanted as pall bearers, who he wanted to sing and and play organ, that he wanted to be buried near his parents, what pictures he wanted displayed, and that he wanted something UT Vols..."it doesn't have to be a Vols Casket, because they are expensive, but put out some of my UT stuff on a table by the casket." Dad feels like his time is very short. He has told us that he doesn't want to be a burden on anyone and that he hates for us to see him like this. He told me to take care of Mom when he is gone. Today my dad was experiencing some intense pain. Mom called an ambulance. Dad was taken to UMC where they started to administer Morphine to ease the pain. He had x-rays and blood tests. Dad has a very bad case of Pneumonia. It's so bad that his right lung is barely even working at all. His kidneys are failing. The decision was made to take dad to a Hospice Facility. He is resting comfortably and getting quite a bit of Morphine to ease the pain. He feels like he is about to pass away and is at ease with that realization. He has said goodbye to everyone. I was able to talk to him on the phone tonight for a few minutes. He told me that he loved me very much, that he was proud of me for having my own business, to take care of my family, and to tell Edwin thank you for the Phillip Fulmer Autographed football that he won a few years ago and gave to my dad, because it will be on display as one of his prized possessions at the funeral. My Dad is a great man! He has touched a lot of lives and will be sorely missed.